Stories in the stars at Skywood

Part of the Water Wiser Kids series

Saturday, October 27, 2018 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Brodhead Watershed Association

Dark, starry skies have filled people with awe forever.

Many of humankind’s greatest scientific achievements come from studying how the stars and planets move across the sky. From the earliest times, people learned to use the stars to tell time of year, keep track of the seasons, and understand the direction they are traveling on land and sea – north, south, east, west.

On Saturday, Oct. 27, at Skywood Park in Paradise Township, Pa., come hear great stories, myths, and legends inspired by the night sky. Even the characters from Harry Potter can be found among the stars!

Darryl and Jackie Speicher, renowned local naturalists, will lead the evening of entertaining tales about the night sky. Gazing upward, you’ll start to become familiar with some of the most common constellations and star clusters. With these bright lights guiding the way, begin to orient yourself in the galaxy.

The celestial roadmap leads the way. Darryl and Jackie will retell some of the Greek mythology and American Indian folklore to bring the stars to life. They will also introduce you to the “navigator stars” that help you find your way through the galaxy, and look for shooting stars, planets, satellites, and other cosmic activity to catch children’s imagination.

Bring a blanket and binoculars (we will have some to share). Come lay out under the stars at Skywood Park — and contemplate our place in the universe!

This event is part of the Water Wiser Kids Series sponsored by Brodhead Watershed Association, funded by a Dr. Claus Jordan Endowment Grant from Lehigh Valley Health Network Pocono Foundation.

IF YOU GO: Stargazing in Skywood Park, Paradise Township

WHEN: 7:30 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018

WHERE: In Paradise Township. Register for directions.

NOTE: Dress in layers to be outside, and bring a blanket and flashlight. Suitable for elementary-age children, teens, and adults.
COST: Free, but registration is required.

INFORMATION:, 570-839-1120. See


Skywood Park
Route 191
Cresco, PA 18326